Passenger car toll in Czech Republic

A vignette obligation (motorcycles and trikes exempted) applies in the Czech Republic for all vehicles up to and including 3.5 tons.

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Roads subject to tolls and compulsory vignette

A vignette obligation exists in the Czech Republic for all vehicles, up to and including 3.5 tons, on all roads which are identified with sign-posting "Highway" and "Express Way".
All vehicles with a permissible total weight of more than 3.5 tons (also mobile homes) must pay the route-based toll with an electronic toll box (Premid Box).
Road sections free of charge also exist which are identified by a sign with the lettering "BEZ POPLATKU" or by a crossed out vignette.

Czech Republic vignette

Vehicle type Validity  Quantity
CZ: 10-day vignette 2018 (for vehicle up to 3.5 tons)
Valid from the desired day.
CZ: 1-month vignette 2018 (for vehicle up to 3.5 tons)
Valid from the selected start day until midnight of the same day of the following month. If the date of this day should not be existing in the following month, then until midnight of the last day of the month (e.g. beginning of validity: 15th March, expiry time: 15th April, 24:00 hours, or beginning of validity: 30th January, expiry time: 28th February, 24:00 hours).
CZ: Yearly vignette 2018 (for vehicles up to 3.5 tons)
Valid from 01st December of the previous-year until 31st January of the following year.
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All Czech vignettes consist of two parts, where the correct license plate number of the vehicle must be entered on both parts of the vignette as mandatory (not with pencil!). The larger part of the vignette is then to be attached to the windscreen at the correct position. The smaller part must be presented in case of a control-check.

Tip: Affix the vignette immediately on receipt.

Only an undamaged vignette, which is valid and stuck on outside of a sunshade strip on the inside of the windscreen, provides verification of proper toll payment.

The use of motorways and other toll-charged roads without a vignette, which is valid and properly attached on the vehicle, is penalised with a fine of up to 5,000 CZK (in administrative procedure up to 100,000 CZK).

Did you know?

1. For which vehicles does the vignette obligation apply?
The vignette obligation applies for all vehicles with a maximum permissible total weight up to and including 3.5 tons (except for motorcycles) with or without trailers. All vehicles whose maximum permissible total weight is above 3.5 t (applies also for mobile homes) require an electronic toll box (Premid Box), which is available at selected service stations. More information:
2. Do I need a vignette for my motorcycle if I use it with a side-car?
Even if motorcycles have a side-car, no vignette obligation exists.
3. I am travelling to the Czech Republic with a trike? Do I need a vignette?
In the Czech Republic trikes are treated like motorcycles, and are therefore not subject to the vignette obligation.
4. Do I need an additional vignette for a trailer or a caravan which is towed by a car?
No! The decisive factor for the vignette obligation is exclusively the permissible total weight of the tractive unit. One tag can be used at all times.
5. How is a vignette attached properly?
The larger part of the vignette is to be attached, complete and undamaged, inside on the lower right-hand edge of the windscreen of the vehicle, so that it is visible completely from the outside. Furthermore, the view of the driver may not be impaired. The smaller part of the vignette is to kept and produced with possible control-checks. A vignette is valid only if the larger part is attached on the windscreen and the correct license plate of the vehicle entered on both vignette parts.
6. I am travelling to the Czech Republic with a quad? Do I need a vignette?
All quads with road certification require a vignette.
7. Can I use a vignette repeatedly?
If an already stuck-on vignette is detached from the windscreen, this is invalid. The vignette cannot be stuck on again.
8. May the vignette also be attached to the left on the windscreen?
The exact attachment location of the vignette on the windscreen is stipulated. The vignette may be attached only on the inside on the lower right-hand edge of the windscreen.
9. Must I also stick on the second vignette section?
The second (smaller) vignette section is not to be stuck on, rather it is only to be kept and presented in case of control-checks.
10. Is the vignette obligation checked?
Yes, the vignette obligation is checked regularly in the Czech Republic.
11. I have several vehicles with change plates. Is its own vignette actually required for every vehicle?
The detachment and transfer of the vignettes onto other vehicles are not permitted. Detached vignettes lose their validity.
12. Can I give back an unused vignette?
No. The decision regarding the purchase and the vignette type and the associated risk rests only with the customer.
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