Toll in Italy with Telepass

Enjoy Italy without stopping

Affix the Telepass box on the windscreen and drive through every toll station without stopping  Order now...

The Italian toll system is complicated and for tourists it takes getting used to. Not only that, but different motorway operating companies are in charge of individual route sections.
The toll amount mostly depends on the route length and is usually determined by means of a ticket issued at the motorway access, or a flat rate is charged on some motorway sections. Payment can be in cash, at some places with credit card or everywhere with the VIAcard and Telepass. Because only the VIAcard and Telepass are accepted all over Italy and are recommended to avoid queuing at cash payment booths.
Automated toll payment with a Telepass used to be only possible for users with an Italian bank account. But now tolltickets provides the Telepass to all European users outside Italy - without the need for an Italian bank account! Now you only need to register and in a few days you receive your Telepass from tolltickets.
The Telepass also functions on the ferry Villa San Giovanni - Messina. Please use the Telepass lane. You then do not need to buy a ticket in the Biglietteria. You will find more detailed information via this link: Please click here!
And the Telepass can also be used in many Italian parking buildings. You will find more detailed information via this link: Please click here!
The Telepass also functions on the Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda ("Free Flow" system) in the greater Milan area. You do not need to register separately.

No stopping with Telepass!

You can manage the Telepass easily and above all quickly, as a small electronic receiver which is attached to the windscreen. This box enables you to use the specifically designated Telepass lanes at Italian toll stations, thereby enabling you to continue without having to stop. The Telepass registers every transit passage and automatically transmits the corresponding data to tolltickets for charging purposes.

Short-term use / Vacation

Vehicle type Product Quantity
Telepass Box / Short-term use


Long-term use

Vehicle type Product Quantity
Telepass Box / Long-term use


The Telepass from tolltickets can be used with the following vehicles:

tolltickets offers the Telepass for all vehicles (even with trailer) except trucks and busses.

For vehicles in other classes please contact us directly. We will gladly send you a separate offer.

Using the Telepass:

A Telepass per vehicle is provided to you through tolltickets.

Lanes marked with a yellow T
Almost all lanes are marked with this "T". It allows fully automated use with a Telepass.

Very often there are extra lanes reserved exclusively for Telepass (yellow lanes). As a rule, these lanes begin many hundred metres ahead of the toll station and allow you to drive on past the queues at the manual toll booths.

Yellow lanes (no personnel)
Used exclusively with Telepass.
Blue lane (no personnel)
Automat for credit cards and VIAcard only
White lanes (without personnel!)
Automat for cash, credit cards and VIAcard
White lanes with personnel
Cash, credit cards and VIAcard

Example: driving through the Como-Grandate toll station going north with a Telepass:more ...

The advantages at a glance:

  • No Italian giro account necessary.
  • No need to worry about losing motorway tickets
  • No cash necessary
  • The toll charge is settled by means of your legal tender (credit card, fuel card, bank account, etc.)
  • Accepted throughout the entire Italian toll road network.
  • No need to ask for vouchers at toll stations
  • A statement of account for all your vehicles with an individual documentation of each journey per vehicle (no individual receipts at each toll station).
  • Simple and convenient settlement of toll payments.
  • Stress-free driving in Italy
  • Only with Telepass: No stopping at toll stations
  • Only with Telepass: Right-hand drive vehicles: No awkward payment over the passenger

Information about prepaid VIAcards

Please bear in mind that the VIAcard credit card available in many places is only valid up to the date printed on it and it must have sufficient credit balance to pay the toll (max. 2 prepaid VIAcards with residual credits can be used to pay). Remaining balances must be demanded back from Autostrade in Rome in a laborious process. Receipts must invariably be requested individually - also for cash payments! This is all superfluous with the VIAcard from tolltickets because your credit balance is not stored in the card, but with us in our computing centre.

The tolltickets VIAcard is not a prepaid card. Your credit balance is not stored in the card, but with us in our computing centre. This gives you flexibility with no stress at the toll station.

Information about paying by credit card

You should not rely on payment by credit card because credit cards or all credit cards are not accepted everywhere. The credit card lanes are not manned by personnel. If you drive into a lane with credit card acceptance and your card is not accepted then you will need to get manual help. Turning around is strictly prohibited and can be very expensive.

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