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Many motorways in Spain are subject to a toll charge. At the toll stations, you are able to choose between a manual or an automatic toll payment.
Manual payment
At most of the entry stations, you must take receipt of a ticket by pressing the knob on the automatic machine. Alternatively, there are motorway sections for which a fixed charge has to be paid independently of the distance which has been driven.
When leaving the motorway, or at the pay-points, you must use a personally specified lane in the event of a cash payment. Present the toll ticket to the personnel and settle the requested amount. If you want to pay with a credit card or fuelcard, then use the specially designated lane for card payments. Insert the ticket into the machine first of all and subsequently the credit card for settlement of the toll amount due.
Automatic toll collection:
Lanes signposted with "Telepeaje", "VIA-T" or just "T" are reserved for vehicles carrying a small device - the VIA-T Box - for automated toll payment. With the VIA-T Box you can pass toll stations without stopping. Motorway access and exit are registered automatically. Tolls are settled conveniently using your selected means of payment.
The main advantage of the VIA-T box lies in the fact that you are able to use the reserved lanes without having to wait in the tailback in lanes for manual payments

Sources of supply via the VIA-T Box

The VIA-T Box for passenger vehicles and dormobiles are only available outside Spain with tolltickets. In Spain, the box is obtainable at a number of banks if you have an account with one of them.

Short-term use / Vacation

Vehicle type Product Quantity
VIA-T Box / Short-term use


Long-term use

Vehicle type Product Quantity
VIA-T Box / Long-term use


The VIA-T box from tolltickets can be used with the following vehicles:

tolltickets offers the VIA-T box for all vehicles (even with trailer) except trucks and busses.

For vehicles in other classes (trucks and busses), please contact us directly. We will gladly send you a separate offer.

Using the VIA-T box

At each toll station in Spain, there are lanes for the automatic toll settlement with a VIA-T Box. In order to select the correct lane, attention should be paid to the following signs.

All lanes at toll stations which are designated with a blue circle and a white "T" are exclusively reserved for users with a VIA-T Box. No other means of payment will be accepted in the aforesaid lanes and you are able to drive through the toll station without having to stop.
All lanes at a toll station which are designated with a blue rectangle and a white "T" also accept other means of payment in addition to the VIA-T box, such as credit cards or cash payments for example. Tail-backs may occur in these lanes on account of manual payments by users without a VIA-T Box.

The advantages at a glance:

  • No Spain giro account necessary
  • No need to worry about losing motorway tickets
  • No cash necessary
  • The toll charge is settled by means of your legal tender (credit card, fuel card, bank account, etc.)
  • Accepted throughout the entire Spain toll road network
  • No need to ask for vouchers at toll stations
  • A statement of account for all your vehicles with an individual documentation of each journey per vehicle (no individual receipts at each toll station).
  • Simple and convenient settlement of toll payments.
  • Stress-free driving in Spain
  • No stopping at toll stations
  • Right-hand drive vehicles: no awkward payment over the passenger.

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