Car toll in Switzerland

Vignettes are compulsory in Switzerland for all motor vehicles and trailers up to and including 3.5 t.

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Roads subject to tolls and compulsory vignette

Vignettes are compulsory in Switzerland on all national class 1 and 2 roads. There is only the 1-year vignette valid from 1 December of the preceding year until 31 January of the following year, i.e. 14 months. Buy the vignette here for your vehicle now.
The vignette price does not include driving through the following tunnels: Grand St. Bernhard Tunnel and Munt la Schera. A special toll must be paid here.
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Vignette Switzerland

Vehicle type Validity  Price Quantity
CH: 1-year vignette 2017 (for all vehicles up to 3.5 t)
Valid from 1 December of the preceding year until 31 January of the following year.
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Tip: Affix the vignette immediately on receipt.

A valid undamaged vignette affixed on an untinted area of the windscreen interior is the only acceptable substantiation that the toll has been duly paid.

Using motorways and expressways without a valid vígnette properly affixed on the vehicle is an offence against the Public Highways Act and is punishable with cash fines of at least 200 Franks.

Did you know?

1. For which vehicles is a vignette compulsory?
Vignettes are compulsory for all motor vehicles with a maximum gross total weight up to and including 3.5t (cars, motor-homes, motorcycles). Vehicles with a maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) more than 3.5t (lorries, busses and heavy motor-homes) are subject to a heavy vehicle toll depending on mileage.
2. I only need the vignette for one trip to Switzerland. Do I have to buy the 1-year vignette for this?
As opposed to other European countries, vignettes are not issued in various denominations in Switzerland. The law in force does not allow the issue of vignettes for shorter periods.
3. Do I need an extra vignette for a trailer or caravan towed by a car?
Yes, trailers with a total weight of up to and including 3.5t towed by a motor vehicle which needs a vignette also need an own vignette.
4. When is a vignette considered as properly affixed?
After removing the carrier foil, the vignette must be affixed undamaged and directly on the inside of the windscreen (on the left hand edge or behind the inside rear view mirror) where it can be easily seen and controlled from the outside (e.g. not stuck on behind a dark tinted strip). It is not permitted to stick the vignette on the side window. Special foils, suction cups, adhesive tapes, etc. may not be used to affix a vignette. This kind of manipulation renders the evidence of orderly toll payment null and void. The vignette is thus invalid and a high fine must be expected.
5. How do I affix the vignette on my motorcycle or trailer?
With a trailer or motorcycle the vignette must be affixed on an easily accessible part which cannot be dismantled and replaced.
6. Can I use a vignette more than once?
A vignette already affixed to the windscreen becomes invalid when it is removed. The vignette cannot be affixed again.
7. Am I also allowed to affix the vignette on the right hand side of the windscreen?
The precise place where the vignette must be affixed to the windscreen is defined in the law governing charges for the use of national roads. According to this law, the vignette may only be affixed on the left hand edge or behind the inside rear view mirror.
8. Do vintage vehicles also need vignettes?
Yes. If the vehicle does not have a windscreen, then the vignette must be affixed on an easily accessible part which cannot be dismantled and replaced.
9. Is the obligation to have a vignette checked?
Yes, the vignette obligation is controlled inside Switzerland by the police in accordance with the laws of each canton.
10. I have several vehicles with interchangeable number plates. Do I really need a separate vignette for each vehicle?
Yes, according to the statutory provisions the vignette can only be transferred with the vehicle, i.e. it is not permitted to detach a vignette and affix it to another vehicle. Detached vignettes are no longer valid.
11. Is the vignette replaced if the windscreen breaks?
Yes. The insurance of vehicles registered in Switzerland handles this if a damaged windscreen needs to be replaced. In the case of foreign vehicles, the costs for the vignette can be refunded if these are not assumed by an insurance company. Replacement can be requested directly from the customs office. The damaged vignette, a confirmation from the insurance to the effect that the vignette will not be refunded and the invoice for the replaced windscreen must be submitted for this.
12. When do I get a replacement vignette?
There is no entitlement to refund or replacement in case of improper treatment, destruction or loss. Customs offices take back and replace the vignettes free of charge if they are damaged during purchase or affixing and if they are handed back complete. This also applies if it is determined at the customs control that they were not properly affixed (e.g. on the rear window) or if they are obviously erroneously printed. Foreign vehicles on which a damaged windscreen must be replaced are also given a replacement vignette free of charge if the costs for a replacement vignette are not assumed by an insurance. The damaged vignette and the invoice for the replaced windscreen must be submitted for this.
13. Do I need a vignette for my motor home?
Yes, motor homes up to a total weight of 3.5 t require a vignette. Where the total weight is greater than 3.5 t, the vehicle is subject to a lump-sum heavy vehicle fee, amounting to CHF 3.25 a day (minimum fee: CHF 25.00) and payable for using any of the public roads at any time of stay in Switzerland. For further information, visit 
14. What do I need for a lorry of a total weight above 3.5 t?
Vehicles of a total weight above 3.5 t and used for commercial goods traffic are subject to a performance-related heavy vehicle fee (HVF). For further information, visit 
15. Is the vignette also valid for all tunnels?
No, additional tolls are levied for the tunnels "Großer St. Bernhard“ ( and "Munt la Schera“ (
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