While others are
waiting for their toll,
you have free rein!

E.g. with our toll box for France.

Free travelling
instead of congestion

with the toll box of tolltickets

Thanks to tolltickets
you have a relaxed start
into your holidays!

Simply order from home!

Travel to 15 countries with tolltickets

Whether you are traveling through one or more countries to get there, no one fancies long traffic jams or slow traffic at toll stations. tolltickets shortens your travel time. Purchase vignettes and toll boxes online from tolltickets and experience the barrier-free ride through 15 countries.

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Popular toll packages

Toll in Italy: Telepass Box

For all vehicles (also with trailers) except trucks and buses

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Toll in France: Liber-t Box

Up to and including 3.5t and max. 3m high.
Ideal for vehicles up to 2m high.

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How does a toll box work?

1. order

2. mount to windshield

3. use queue free lane

4. invoice

Free ride instead of traffic jams!

With the toll box from tolltickets you pass the tollbooth easily and quickly. You do not only reach your destination faster, but also much more relaxed. No more waiting or congestion at the tollboth. Your toll box signalizes free travel – and off you go.

Order toll via Alexa – wether from your sofa or in your vehicle
The Alexa skill will soon be available in your language as well.

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Your advantages with tolltickets

No charging

Convenient payment No prepaiment. No remaining credit. No cash.

Toll box

Preferred processing at the toll station No waiting. Easy go through, thanks to online toll.


Parking without a parking card Convenient billing via toll invoice.


Buy toll online for all of Europe Nearly all European countries available

Order before departure

Order before departure No stress at the toll station


Secure billing. Clearly arranged. Detailed. Always comprehensible, detailed and with legal sales tax.

What our customers say:

Once again your service has been amazing. I can’t rave about you enough. Keep up the good work.


Best thing I have done for years. I can travel through France, Italy and Spain without having to queue at the toll points.