Toll in France with the Liber-t box (Telepeage badge) and TIS-PL box

Several toll operators levy tolls in France for the use of many highways for all types of vehicles.
Only in Alsace, Lorraine, Brittany and on the A75 the motorway is mostly free. This also applies for motorways that pass through or bypass urban centers.
The amount of the toll depends on the distance traveled and on the type of vehicle. In addition, the toll is based on the costs incurred in the construction of the route.
An automatic toll collection was previously only possible for users with a French bank account. tolltickets now also provides the toll boxes Liber-t and TIS-PL to all users without a French bank account.
An online registration is sufficient and the dispatch of the Liber-t or TIS-PL toll boxes takes place on the desired day.

Note on environmental zones
Domestic and foreign vehicles may only enter French environmental zones (“Zones à Circulation Restreinte”) if they have the emission sticker “Crit’Air”. The cities of Paris, Lille, Lyon, Grenoble and Strasbourg have now introduced such environmental zones, other communities may follow at any time. Detailed information can be obtained from the French authorities.

Which vehicle do you have?


Categories 1,2 and 5

Up to and including 3.5 t and 3 m height

 Category 1

Vehicles (inclusive trailer) with up to 2 m high and a maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) up to and including 3.5t (drawing vehicle). You can use any fully automated lanes – recognisable by the symbol “t”.

Vehicles with roof box or bicycle: Please use the lanes without height limit and the “t” symbol!

Category 2

Vehicles (inclusive trailer) with a height between 2 m and 3 m and a maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) up to and including 3.5 t (drawing vehicle). Please use the lanes without height limit and the “t” symbol!

Category 5

Motorcycles should always use the lanes staffed by personnel to get lower rates. The toll for a category 1 vehicle is charged if the fully automated lanes are used.

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Categories 3 and 4

Dual-Box with VIA-T: One box for use in France and in Spain

Vehicles over 3.5 t and/or over 3 m height

Category 3

Vehicles with 2 axles and a height of more than 3 meters or a maximum permitted weight of more than 3.5 tons (drawing vehicle). No commercial vehicles.

Category 4

Vehicles (including trailers) with 3 or more axles and a height of more than 3 meters or a maximum permitted weight of more than 3.5 tons (drawing vehicle). No commercial vehicles.

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How it works

Clean the glass with a cleaning cloth

Affix the box to the support

Remove the protective film from the support

Press the device in the holder onto the windshield behind the rearview mirror

Tip: Important information regarding the positioning of the toll device can be found in our FAQs or our instruction leaflets.

Toll payment in France

  • Fully automated toll recording by means of a small electronic receiver (Liber-t and TIS-PL). This device is simply fixed to the windscreen
  • Use the reserved lanes with no queues or waiting

On many motorway exits in France you can only pay at automats without personnel by credit card or with cash. It is easier and safer to pay with the Liber-t and TIS-PL Box!

You can use any lane marked with the Télépéage logo "t". If you have driven into a lane without the "t" symbol, then you must take the vehicle device out of its holder and hand it over to the toll station personnel for recording the transaction manually.

The Liber-t Box can be used with the following vehicles

The Liber-t Box can be used with all category 1, 2 and 5 vehicles. In addition, the Liber-t Box can be used to pay parking charges automatically in many parking blocks.**
If you have booked a parking block in advance, please wrap your toll box in aluminum foil to avoid double bookings.

Vehicles in other categories (trucks and busses over 3.5 t) need the special TIS-PL Box. Please contact us. We will gladly send you a separate offer.

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Parking blocks

Liber-t can be used in many parking blocks in France. More information at:

The advantages at a glance

No French giro account needed

No stopping at toll stations

Stress-free driving in France

No cash necessary

The toll charge is settled by means of your legal tender (credit card, fuel card, bank account, etc.)

Accepted throughout the entire French toll road network.*

No tiresome asking for vouchers at the toll station

A statement of account for all your vehicles with an individual documentation of each journey per vehicle (no individual receipts at each toll station)

Simple and convenient settlement of toll payments

Right-hand drive vehicles: no awkward payment over the passenger

Parking without cash in many parking blocks

* except the Mont Blanc and Fréjus tunnels.
** In special cases or if disruptions happen, the Liber-t Box can also be used as a direct payment method. In this case, simply take the box out of its holder and give it to the toll station personnel.
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