Toll in Norway with the AutoPass box

Toll in Scandinavia with AutoPass
(Norway, Sweden and Denmark)

In Norway, the construction costs for roads, bridges and tunnels are paid by means of toll levies. Each new construction project gives rise to at least one new toll station. As soon as the construction costs have been recouped by means of toll charges, the toll station is dismantled once again. In Norway, there is therefore a permanent change in the location and number of toll stations. At present, there are approximately 50 building projects for which at least one toll station has been erected. For example, more than 18 toll stations were erected for an “Oslo City” building project. In order to reduced toll collection charges, all the toll stations were fully automated.

For the commercial vehicles heavy vehicles and busses over 3.5 tonnes a mandatory AutoPass box is required from 1st January 2015! In case of violation a fine of 8,000 NOK will be levied. The amount increases to NOK 12 000 if the fine is not paid within three weeks. If the violation is repeated within two years, the fine will increase to NOK 16 000. All private vehicles and motorhomes are exempted from this rule. However, it is recommended to use an AutoPass box to receive discounts on toll roads.



Which vehicle do you have?


All categories except vehicles for commercial use over 3.5t

The AutoPass Box for short-term or long-term use

The AutoPass Box can also be used in Denmark and Sweden throughout the entire EasyGo area system.

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Vehicles over 3.5 t

Commercial goods vehicles over 3.5t for long-term use

The AutoPass Box can also be used in Denmark and Sweden throughout the entire EasyGo area system

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How it works

Clean the glass with a cleaning cloth

Affix the box to the support

Remove the protective film from the support

Press the device in the holder onto the windshield behind the rearview mirror

Tip: Important information regarding the positioning of the toll device can be found in our FAQs or our instruction leaflets.

Automatic toll collection

Most toll stations (exception: Atlanterhavstunnel) are fully-automated toll machines. The toll collection is effected in the normal flow of traffic. At the aforesaid toll stations, it is not possible to pay the toll manually and it is strictly forbidden to stop. Instead, the toll collection is effected by an AutoPass Box or by reading the vehicle’s license plate number by means of cameras.

tolltickets are offered by AutoPass Box – mainly for foreign holidaymakers and business travellers. For the aforesaid purpose, they do not have to open a current balance account of their own. Instead, the toll charge is settled at regular intervals or after returning the Box together with their specified means of payment. As soon as you no longer require the box, please simply return it to us once again. As a result of the simultaneous use of the Box on bridges and ferries in Denmark and Sweden – and by the receipt of attractive discounts – it will be even easier and more stress-free for you to drive through Scandinavia.

The AutoPass Box may currently be used on the following bridges and ferries

1. Ferry: Alslinjen Bøjden – Fynshav (AutoPass usage for vehicles under 6m in length.)
2. Ferry: Elsinore – Helsingborg
3. Ferry: Spodsbjerg – Tårs (AutoPass usage for vehicles under 6m in length.)
4. Ferry: Mols-Linien Odden – Århus (AutoPass usage for vehicles with a maximum of 9 persons.)
5. Ferry: Mols-Linien Odden – Ebeltoft (AutoPass usage for vehicles with a maximum of 9 persons.)
6. Ferry: Scandlines Rostock – Gedser (AutoPass usage for vehicles under 6m in length.)
7. Ferry: Scandlines Puttgarden – Rødby (AutoPass usage for vehicles up to 6m in length.)
8. Bridge: Storebæltsbroen (Mobile homes: AutoPass use for vehicles up to a maximum of 2.7m high.)
9. Bridge: Øresundsbron
10. Ferry: Anda – Lote
11. Ferry: Moss – Horten
12. Ferry: Bognes – Skarberget
13. Ferry: Brekstad – Valset
14. Ferry: Drag – Kjøpsvik
15. Ferry: Flakk – Rørvik
16. Ferry: Halhjem – Sandvikvåg
17. Ferry: Mortavika – Arsvågen
18. Bridge: E6 Svinesundsforbindelsen
If you have booked an appropriate ferry in advance, please wrap your toll box in aluminum foil to avoid double bookings.

The advantages at a glance

No advance payment

No cash necessary

The toll charge is settled by means of your legal tender (credit card, fuel card, bank account, etc.)

Acceptance in Denmark, Sweden and Norway

A statement of account for all your vehicles with an individual documentation of each journey per vehicle (no individual receipts at each toll station)

Simple and convenient settlement of toll payments

Stress-free driving in Scandinavia

Right-hand drive vehicles: no awkward payment over the passenger

Vehicle change

The AutoPass toll box is linked to the license plate of your vehicle. However, the toll box can be used at any time in another vehicle of the same vehicle class. Before changing the vehicle, all you have to do is change the toll box to the new vehicle via your my account area.

Stress-free through Scandinavia …
Stick the AutoPass Box on the windscreen and always use the automatic driving lanes at toll stations, bridges and ferries in Norway, Denmark and Sweden – with attractive discounts

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