Highway Poland

Poland Joins European Toll Service Network by Tolltickets

Tolling services provider Tolltickets launches its services in Poland. From December 1st, Tolltickets users will be able to drive from Gdańsk to Ghent with one single on-board device and one single invoice, saving time and making the lives of drivers easier. With more than 1.2 million trucks having to pay tolls – 55% of which are registered in a foreign country – Poland is both an important transit country and one of Europe’s leading distribution hubs.

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Opening Scandinavian Tolling Network: DKV Mobility partners with Tolltickets One-box solution for DKV Mobility customers starts in January 2022

DKV Mobility, one of the leading European mobility service providers and Tolltickets, one of the leading providers of European tolling services, have recently announced their new partnership. Starting with a pilot at the end of 2021, all DKV Mobility customers can access the Scandinavian tolling network with a one-box solution provided by Tolltickets from January 2022. This service aptly fits DKV Mobility’s offer to all its customers for ease and convenience while driving through toll stations on Scandinavian roads.

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Evening Traffic seen from Above

Driving across Europe is becoming easier

Beginning in December, tolltickets will add an additional 800km of toll roads in Norway, several ferry providers and the world-famous Øresund and Storebaelt bridges to its network, expanding its services both for private and business customers across Europe.

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Kapsch TrafficCom Trend-Monitor 2021

Drei Viertel der Urlauber in Deutschland werden in diesem Jahr am wahrscheinlichsten mit dem Auto verreisen. Allerdings befürchten rund 60 Prozent Staus auf den Autobahnen, lange Wartezeiten an Mautstationen und Stop-and-Go in touristisch attraktiven Metropolen. Das sind Ergebnisse des tolltickets Trend-Monitors 2021.

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